Uniquely Chic? Sounds Cool, What's That?

Uniquely Chic? Sounds Cool, What's That?
Uniquely Chic is a movement. 
Its fun, edgy, hip, and comfortable. It's the newest streetwear brand out, and is soon to take the world by storm. 
"We wanted to create a brand that people felt good in both physically and mentally. It wasn't just about creating a clothing line for us, it was about creating a lifestyle."
In our world there is so much pressure to be perfect and be someone you're not... Although we have come a long way, as a society we've still got a long way to go in acceptance of ourselves.
Uniquely Chic represents the Underdogs, Self Doubter, and "Weirdos"of the world. We represent the kids that never fit in, and the ones that always stood out. Our brand is all about embracing your differences and what makes you unique, coming to the realization that societies definition of beauty doesn't make you chic. We're taking a stand against the pressures to change, fix, and tweak yourself and saying "Hey! I'm different and it's freakin' Awesome!" 
We chose a "face" to represent our brand because it represents that moment you first wake up and look in the mirror. The moment you see your "true self." No makeup, no shaving, no nothing; just you.
We see our imperfections and we accept them all.
"All We See Is Black & White"
In a world full of grey areas and uncertainties, the one constant we have is ourselves, our uniqueness, and our differences.
This is for certain, this is black and white.
We adapted that mindset into our clothing, creating mostly black and white apparel with pops of colors here and there for expression.  
When you put on your Uniquely Chic gear YOU are the statement.
"What you see is what you get. It's Simple. Its Uniquely Chic."
Written By Tierney Dale